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Young Adult Addiction Treatment

Young adult program

We often hear that young adults are the least likely to maintain and sustain long-term sobriety. Well, that is not our experience! We understand that young adults have complex needs that differ from older populations. We engage and promote a positive peer culture, highlight the importance of fun and creativity in recovery, and create a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere, much different than the cold and clinical settings often experienced in treatment settings. 

our program for young adults

Our program implements evidence-based curriculum, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, advanced relapse prevention with scenarios, questions and refusal skills taught through role play that specifically are written for young adults.

Cielo Treatment Center focuses on individual and group excellence by using enjoyable, fun activities paired with Evidence Based Therapy Modalities that specifically work to improve mood and impulse control and regulation, mindfulness, appropriate and effective communication, coping skills, refusal skills, mental health wellness, and goal setting as well as promote positive self-esteem.

We offer and encourage family sessions and usually do three to four family sessions prior to graduation. Because the family is such a pivotal component of the recovery process, the ability to acknowledge the past, make amends, set boundaries, make safety plans and reintroduce the client to their loved ones sober is an extremely helpful part of our program. Not all young adults have supportive family members who are willing to go through this process, and we understand that. We do, however, encourage clients to identify and repair the relationship with any supportive and healthy family members or supportive people in their life. We understand that the highest chances of long-term success stem from creating a loving environment, either with family or with other young adults in recovery. We are non-judgmental and understand that no family is perfect. However, having even one family member on their side, rooting for them to succeed, can be enough to drastically change the outcomes and facilitate change!

Our drug rehab for young adults involves going on regular outings to the beach and river, playing paintball and softball, going rock climbing, visiting museums and bookstores, going fishing, attending community events, and visiting many other scenic or adventurous places in the Portland, OR area.

We guide our young adults through therapy as well as case management to assist them in finding gainful employment, making a budget, getting their GED, going to college or doing the FASFA for college, and learning life skills.

Our young adult addiction treatment program is tiered, which can be perfect for young adults who require a fun, fresh, and supportive treatment experience.

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Our program is a tiered program, perfect for young adults who require a fun and fresh, supportive treatment experience. 

Our program includes:

  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention 

  • Psycho-education 

  • DBT

  • Healthy relationships group

  • Addiction education 

  • Process groups

  • Family support

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Recovery Yoga

  • Heart Core Healing

  • Nutrition and Wellness

  • Boundaries/codependency 

  • Stress Management 

  • Regulating emotions 

  • Life skills time management 

  • Mental Health Counseling 

  • Individual therapy

  • Case management

  • and More

At Cielo Treatment Center, recovery is about more than abstinence; it's about rebuilding yourself and living the life you deserve. We offer a range of dynamic programming that provides the client with a foundation for a successful and healthy life. Because no single treatment works for everyone, each client, with the help of a counselor or therapist, creates an individualized treatment plan that is compatible with their personal needs and philosophies. Call us today so that you or your loved one can start on the path to wellness of mind, body, and spirit. 


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