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Embracing Cultural Healing


Culturally Specific Native Treatment Track

At Cielo Treatment Center, we recognize the profound impact of cultural connection on the journey to recovery. Our indigenous programming is a testament to our commitment to holistic healing, incorporating the wisdom of native traditions and values into our comprehensive approach.

White Bison Certified Counselor: Honoring Sacred Paths

We take pride in being White Bison certified, a recognition of our dedication to culturally informed addiction recovery. This certification signifies our respect for Native American traditions and our commitment to integrating them into the fabric of our treatment programs. By embracing the White Bison model, we strive to create a space that not only heals addiction but also nurtures cultural identity and resilience.


Culturally Informed Indigenous Treatment

Culturally informed treatment for Indigenous clients who follow the Red Road—a spiritual path rooted in Indigenous traditions and values—requires a holistic and respectful approach that integrates cultural beliefs and practices. The Red Road emphasizes living a life of balance, integrity, and connection with nature and community. Cielo Treatment Center honors these values by incorporating traditional healing practices, such as talking circles, sweat lodges, ceremonies, and connection to culturally specific peer services, which provides a sense of belonging and spiritual support that is often missing in mainstream treatment models.

Understanding the historical and intergenerational trauma experienced by Indigenous communities is crucial in providing effective treatment. Many Indigenous individuals have faced systemic oppression, loss of land, culture, and identity, which can contribute to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Treatment must address these underlying issues by creating a safe space where clients can explore their trauma and begin the healing process. Integrating trauma-informed care with culturally relevant practices ensures that the treatment respects the client's history and fosters resilience, recovery, and connection to culture.

Collaboration with White Bison-trained counselors and community members is essential in developing and delivering culturally informed treatment. Traditional healers bring invaluable knowledge and wisdom, helping to guide clients on their healing journey according to their cultural values. Their involvement can enhance the therapeutic process by providing culturally specific counseling, mentorship, and support, which can improve the client's engagement and outcomes. Moreover, involving the community helps to rebuild connections and support networks that are critical for long-term recovery.

Culturally informed substance abuse treatment emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with cultural identity and traditional practices. Encouraging clients to participate in cultural activities, such as drumming, dancing, pow-wows, sweat ceremonies, attendance at Wellbriety meetings, and storytelling, can strengthen their sense of identity and belonging. This reconnection can be a powerful motivator for maintaining sobriety and living in accordance with the Red Road's principles. By integrating cultural elements into treatment, Cielo Treatment Center offers a more comprehensive and meaningful recovery experience that honors the client's cultural heritage and promotes holistic healing.

Key Features of Our Native American Track:

Traditional Groups

Mending broken hearts, medicine wheel and the 12 steps, talking circle, Red Road - Interpersonal process group. 

Traditional Healing Practices

We incorporate traditional healing practices, such as smudging, drum circles, and sweat lodge ceremonies, allowing individuals to reconnect with their heritage in a meaningful way.

Culturally Competent Staff

Our team includes professionals with a deep understanding of Native American cultures, ensuring a culturally sensitive and respectful environment for all individuals.

Community Support:

Our Native American Track emphasizes the importance of community and family in the recovery process. We encourage the involvement of loved ones, creating a supportive network for lasting healing.

Holistic Wellness

We address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of recovery, recognizing the interconnectedness of these elements in the journey towards wholeness.

By choosing our Native American Track, you embark on a journey that goes beyond traditional recovery programs. It's a path guided by cultural wisdom, resilience, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and strengths within Native American communities.

Discover the transformative power of cultural healing at Cielo Treatment Center.

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