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About Cielo Treatment Center


Our Mission

Cielo Treatment Center provides people who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders the love, support, community, and spiritual connection that they need to heal from the pain of drinking and using substances. We believe that addiction, though devastating in nature, is a wonderful gateway of opportunity that leads to healing and growth. Treatment addresses the underlying factors that contribute to substance use disorder: mood disorders or mental illness, family of origin dysfunction, trauma, maladjusted coping mechanisms, and social functioning issues. We help to develop tools, facilitate community support, and provide individualized treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to each individual client. We believe that treatment and healing can be a fun, rewarding, and positive experience! 


Solara Salazar, MS CADC II QMHA-r

Founder & Executive Director

Solara Salazar moved to Portland, OR from California in 2006 where she worked as a martial arts instructor. After facing her own battles with addiction and finding recovery, she decided to dedicate her life to helping those who suffer from substance use and mental health disorders.

She started her career working in DUII treatment and then moved on to work in residential treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and drug court and corrections. She is passionate about helping people and truly believes that everyone is capable of change as long as they have the tools and support needed to build a strong foundation in recovery from substances and recovery from mental health disorders.

Her goal is to help every client who walks through the door achieve sobriety and wellness, and lead a happy, healthy, and successful life.

In her free time, Solara performs as a fire dancer and loves spending time with friends and family. Her education includes an Associate’s Degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, and a Master’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. 

Martin Camacho Bonilla

Founder & Director of Outreach and Admissions

Martin was born in Sinaloa, Mexico and moved with his family to the United States when he was three years old. He grew up in Tacoma, WA where he played football and sports for 12 years.  It was after a sports injury that Martin was prescribed pain pills and developed an addiction that would forever alter his life.

At 21 years old, Martin went to treatment for his substance use disorder and realized how rewarding life could be clean and sober. He then went on to work as a Sober House Manager, then a Mentor Coach at the youth program through a local recovery fitness gym, and the Director of Outreach and Admissions at an outpatient treatment center.

Martin brings a passionate, strong, personal understanding of treatment and sobriety, and is an advocate for all recovering people getting involved in an exercise program to benefit them, mind, body, and spirit. Martin is an expert at cutting through the desperation, pain and resistance often accompanying Clients in their early recovery. He is skilled at gaining and maintaining trust and has a unique ability to reach people no matter their mindset.

As a young adult who has embraced and flourished on his own road to recovery, Martin is excellent at explaining treatment and recovery to Clients and families who are new to the process. Martin brings his upbeat personality and charismatic passion for recovery to everyone he meets.

In his free time, Martin loves spending time with his daughter, playing recovery softball, attending recovery support groups, and working out at the gym.


Meet The Team

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