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warning signs of addiction

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the warning signs of drug and/or alcohol addiction can be easy to miss. Many times, family members will report knowing something is "off" or "wrong" but can't pinpoint what is wrong. For the individual who is abusing, and for those around them, the realization that they have a dependence can be a painful one. They may respond with denial. That’s why it’s important to understand the signs of addiction so that you can identify the type of help they may need. 

Mood Swings and Isolation

Sudden and dramatic mood, angry outbursts, moodiness or isolation that are not attributed to a specific stressful life event.  Isolating away from family, refusing to talk about the problem, placing the blame on others, or diverting the conversation to other subjects if confronted. 

Change in Appearence

Sudden weight loss or gain, picked marks on face, lack of proper hygiene,  change in skin tone or skin care (pale, ashy, greasy, etc.)

Problems at Work or School

Receiving unusually poor grades in school, or getting unusual negative feedback at work. Calling in sick excessively to work or school. Loss of goals. 

Money Problems

Money problems, or legal issues that are out of character. This can involve lying about spending and stealing. Borrowing money from people and returning it, coming up with strange excuses of why excessive spending is happening. 

Change in Social Group

Withdrawing from their usual social groups, becoming more isolated. Or changing their friends to a group of people that you may have concerns about. 

Loss of Interest in Hobbies

ceasing team activities, such as sports or other recreational activities. No longer engaging in healthy hobbies or activities that used to interest them such as going on hikes, playing musical instruments, attending group activities, etc.

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