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Sober Living in Portland, Oregon

Our Sober Living Partner: West Coast Sober Housing

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Why Sober Living?

People in early recovery often struggle to stay sober. It can be hard to maintain healthy new habits in an unstructured environment, where people are often surrounded by triggers and can suffer from isolation. Let us support you in securing sober housing to assist you in creating new habits, new friendships, and help you build a strong foundation of recovery. 

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Guidance and Support

In a sober living home, you will be surrounded by people who support your recovery, and who will hold you accountable on a daily basis. Most sober living homes have on-site managers and mentors to supervise and support you and other tenants. These individuals are available to help you with any potential issues that arise in your recovery, such as difficult cravings, overwhelming emotions, trouble finding a job, and are simply there to talk. They can offer you advice when you need it most.

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House managers will also hold you accountable. In a sober living home, there is a set of rules to keep all residents happy, healthy, sober, and safe. These rules include no alcohol or drug use, a set curfew each night, regular drug tests, engagement in outside support groups, and chores. Structure, routine, and engagement in recovery-related activities have been shown to increase success immeasurably in early recovery. 

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Meaningful and Sober Relationships​

The most beneficial part of sober living are the bonds and support you will form while there. You will meet and live alongside people who are also in recovery, who will support you when you are struggling, who will engage in healthy recovery activities with you, and who share common ground. These people also understand what it is like to use alcohol or drugs, to experience cravings, to feel distant or depressed, to lose control, and to disappoint others. Most of all, they have the desire and drive to change, and become the best possible people they can be, without drugs or alcohol.

Living in a sober house can also help reduce loneliness and isolation, which are hallmark danger signs for relapse and drug use or drinking. 

We are Proud to Partner with West Coast Sober Housing

West Coast Sober Housing is our primary referral source for sober housing needs. 

Click Here to Learn More About West Coast Sober Housing

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